Our Services:
Strait Consulting Services offers a variety of services to its clients, including:
Food Safety  Certifications:
Regulatory Compliance

We provide food safety certification for:

  • SQF

  • BRC


  • GAP

We assist with regulatory compliance according to:

  • FSMA

  • FDA

  • USDA

  • OSHA

Other Certifications: 

“It’s not about just passing the audit, it’s about having a good system”

D. Strait, Strait Consulting Services

​Strait Consulting Services, Inc. also provides certifications in:​

  • Organic

  • Gluten Free

  • Non-GMO

  • Kosher

What We Do:

For companies that are not yet certified, we guide you through the entire process from start to finish. We have developed a highly-refined, systematic method of developing and implementing systems based on our deep knowledge of the standards and experience in the audit process. While we set up the project and manage it all the way through, we believe in working with the client together – at each step of the project we give clear action items with instructions and due dates, which we review and follow up before moving onto the next phase. All of this is managed through a cloud-based project management system which allows our team to stay on the same page, and enables us to stay connected between site visits. Our services during the system development and implementation project include:

  • Managing the food safety implementation project and provide project timelines

  • Inspecting the facility and communicating needed purchases and renovations

  • Developing a complete Food Safety Procedure Manual & HACCP Plan

  • Developing and implementing records required for the audit

  • Conducting onsite training classes for employees and managers

  • Informing the client of the food safety requirements and giving practical guidance on achieving compliance

  • Working with service contractors to ensure their compliance with food safety standards

  • Conducting a mock audit and reporting non-conformance’s to the client

  • Assisting the client in setting up the audit and dealing with the Certification Body

  • Being present during the actual audit to provide support

For clients that have already attained certification, we believe that the key to success is not in focusing on preparing for the audit once a year, but rather in maintaining the system in top form year-round while striving to improve it as well. For this purpose, we provide continuous ongoing support which includes:

  • Reviewing the system documentation and inspection of facility and operations

  • Assisting with completing the required annual reviews according to a planned Annual Review Schedule

  • Assessing changes to the products and processes, and guidance through the required documentation relating to the system updates

  • Setting Continual Improvement goals and projects for achieving them at the first visit each year, and reviewing and assisting with progress at each visit after

  • Informing the client of current events in food safety, changes to the Audit Standard and updates to regulation, industry, and scientific developments

  • Conducting refresher training for employees and managers

  • Consulting relating to any current issues and questions that you are having relating to food safety and quality, or regulatory and certification issues

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