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Preventive Controls for Human Food
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HACCP Principles & Practices
Implementing SQF Systems

Food Safety Preventive Control Alliance (FSPCA) – 2.5 days

This course is the curriculum recognized by the FDA for the training of individuals in the safe manufacturing/processing, packing and holding of food products for human consumption in the United States.  Covers all of the requirements of the FSMA Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule including cGMP’s and developing a Food Safety Plan.  Required training for individuals in GDA-regulated facilities seeking to qualify Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI).

Accredited by the International HACCP Alliance – 2 days

Introductory course to HACCP & Food Safety, goes through the history of food safety, the science of hazards & controls, and the 12 HACCP Steps according to the Codex Alimentarius with practical exercises in learning how to write a HACCP Plan.  Required training for individuals seeking to qualify as a HACCP Coordinator, Manager, or Team Leader.

Accredited by the SQF Institute – 2 days

The course gives knowledge about the SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing, going through all the requirements for the standard giving guidance in the implementation of an SQF System, practical tips for compliance, and an overview of the SQF audit & certification process. Required training for individuals seeking to qualify as a SQF Practitioner. 

Internal Auditor Training
Seafood HACCP Course, Segment 2
Food Defense Training  

Strait Consulting Services – ½ day

The course gives knowledge about food defense & food security, goes over the FDA requirements for prevention of Bioterrorism & International Adulteration, and gives facility personnel the basic knowledge for conducting a food defense assessment and developing a Food Defense Plan.  Designed to provide training for Food Defense Coordinators & Team Members.

Strait Consulting Services – ½ day

The course gives knowledge about audit concepts, guidance on how to develop audit plans & checklists, and learning how to conduct an audit. Understand how to evaluate non-conformances, along with root cause analysis & corrective actions. Designed to enable food safety personnel to conduct Internal Audits & Supplier Audits, and to manage 1st & 2nd Party Audit Programs.

Accredited by AFDO – 1 day

The course helps us gain an understanding of requirements from the FDA’s regulation and Hazards and Control guide, identify critical control points to actively manage significant hazards in fish and fishery products.  Segment 2 is the in-person portion of the class after students have completed Segment 1 online training.  Required training for HACCP Managers in FDA-regulated seafood facilities.


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